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SpyderX by Datacolor - and other amazing products from Datacolor

SpyderX Pro by Datacolor

 A month ago I got a package from Datacolor with some really great tools

In the digital precess of creating images and film I really need to view the correct colors, with help of the SpyderX Pro Datacolor it’s easy to calibrate my monitors. It is a easy used software and it’s a speedy fast process. It often takes bellow 2mins. I would say that this product is like a must have for creatives.


A neat calibrator that is easy to use and get a good result


The SpyderX feels solid, a great looking glossy finish and a stylish look makes it look good booth when in use and then sitting on it’s little stand. It’s a well manufactured product (this is shared with all the other  products I´ve tested and used from Datacolor.



Simple to use, for me this is really important, since I often don’t have the time to mess a around with time consuming products. In just a couple of minutes you can go from unboxing to a well calibrated monitor.


The SpyderX is a really good calibrator this combined with a great price makes it a no brainer. It’s a great tool and seems to be a good build and great quality. I will continue to use this neat device to keep my monitor well tuned.


Other great products from Datacolor, that I’m using.

  • Spyder Checkr – This neat product gives you 24 standard color patches plus 24 additional color targets for precise skin tones, medium saturation colors and near white tints and black tones for more dynamic range. Boost efficiency and color precision by color correcting your image file for one or multiple camera combinations.
  • Spyder Cube – A great way to achieve the right exposure and White balance right at the capture. Accelerate RAW processing by taking one reference shot under any light condition to set the white balance, exposure, contrast and black point right from the start, for your entire series of photos. The Spyder Cube’s unique 3-dimensional design differs from a traditional gray card. It allows you to see primary and secondary light sources for more precise white balance correction and includes a black trap for absolute black reference. Its chrome ball allows you to see specular highlights.
  • Spyder Tripod – A small and neat tripod that is perfect for the Spyder Cube, SpyderX, Spyder Lens Cal or a smaller compact camera/ cell phone. Weight capacity 275g.
  • ColorReader EZ – This is an awesome one, booth for usage in the studio (perfect for finding matching colors or extracting colors from prints/ client products.
  • Spyder Shelf – A great and neat stand for the SpyderX, so it can be resting on top of your monitor.
  • Spyder USB-C – a PC and Mac compatible adaptor from from USB A to USB-C. Great when using products with USB A on newer computers with USB-C.


The SpyderX in use, placed on the monitor

The Spyder Cube in use, placed on the first shot

The SpyderCheckr in use, perfect for getting accurate colors.

A great range of products from Datacolor.

The awesome ColorReader EZ.

SpyderX on the Spyder Shelf.

SpyderX on the stand, always ready to calibrate

ColourReader app & ColurReader EZ

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