Skylum Aurora HDR ’19

By December 4, 2018Nyheter, Tester

All images edited & created with Skylum Aurora HDR 19

Skylum Aurora HDR ’19

Jag har fått nöjet att testa Skylum Aurora HDR 2019.
Aurora är en mjukvara som går att använda som “stand alone” eller med sömlös integration mot t.ex Adobe Light Room CC. Jag har under ca 3v testat programmet och tycker att det på många sätt är fantastiskt. Jag använder det tillsammans med LR CC (Light Room CC) och det fungerar perfekt, med bara några få knapptryckningar öppnar man bilden från LR till Aurora.

I had the great oppurturnity to test and evaluate the new Skylum Aurora 2019.


Aurora is and software wich can be used as a stand alone or to be used together with for example Adobe Light Room CC.
I have used the Aurora for 3 weeks and I really like it, it´s easy to use but yet advanced enought to do the tweeaks.
I must admit, at first thoughts it felt like it was alot of sliders and controls but the Aurora it really easy to use right out of the box.

Image quality

Image quality is great (off course depending on what you put in) the colour and tonal depth of the images created is really awesome.


This is a great product and the value is so great, it´s a really cheap software. But don´t let the price fool you, it really is a professional software and I highly recomend it.

What does it do?

Most cameras capture images that may look a little bit flat compared what we saw with the naked eye. Due a cameras lack of beeing able to se all the dynamic range the Aurora sort this out and make all colours and tones “pop” again, making the image look like your human eyes reminding seeing the view.

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