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f-stop Dyota 20 - Innovative design meets classy style

f-stop Dyota 20

 The future is here, and so with great style

I have had the great privilege of using this lovely bag for a couple of weeks now. This is my second “urban series bag”
I really love this bag, for so many reasons. It´s a bag with a lot of confidence. So many great features. I love technical bags like my f-stop Tilopa and the rest of the “mountain series” bags, but sometimes it´s great to have a bag with a little more sleek and with clean lines.

f-stop Dyota 20

A no compromise bag built to last and impress


The material is awesome. It´s a breath-taking material, all with welded seams and it comes in three lovely colors. I wish I could have them all =), By now you know that I love bags, especially great ones like this, the Doyota 20.
It really feels like this is a no compromise build, the welded seams, hardware made from T6 Aluminum, in Antique Silver Colour.
Sleek design with Roll top expandable top opening with Intelligent Magnetic Integration (these magnets are awesome, the unload process is so fast)
Lately (since this spring) I’ve started to always bring a camera with me. One thing with the Doyota 20 wich really is uniq are the Dual Side, Curved Weatherproof Main Access, the side access makes this bag so great for all these moments where you just need to get the camera out in seconds.


Caring the Dyota 20 is like a dream, on the back it nearly feels lika wearing a second skin, as hand held the logo-grip makes it nice to carry, even for longer periods. The hole back panel is made out of EVA with a Molded Back panel & Shoulder strap to make sure that the bag sits nice even for a little hike. Of course the Sternal strap is fully adjustable.



With the sleek outer and a smart ICU this bag is like the perfect expandable backpack. It´s easy to fit a lot of gear in this bag. l loaded my bag with the following:

  • Canon Eos R with RF 35mm
  • Canon Eos 5D MK IV (Gripped) with EF 50 1,2 L USM
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro with remote
  • Canon 580EX speed lite
  • 3 Pocket Wizard Flex TT5
  • Mac Book Pro 15″
  • f-stop accessory pouch – S. 


This bag is a pice of the future, the material, the sleek design and the uncompromising choice of material makes this bag something really special. It´s one of the best bags I have used this combined with the great design makes it a “killer”. It really is a bag worth every penny. It´s really easy to remove the ICU (magnetic) this gives you 20l of space to fill with what ever you may choose=).

f-stop Dyota 20 with easy access to your gear

EVA Molded Back panel & Shoulder strap

Additional images (the ones where I wear the Dyota taken with my Eos 5D MK IV/ Eos R by my talented colleague Liam Elheim.

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